January 19, 2024
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Beyond Big Box: Discover Auburn's Unique Boutique Treasures

Embrace Auburn, CA's distinctive shopping scene with a tour of its unique boutiques and shops. From fashion-forward finds at Elisabet Boutique to vintage treasures at Almost Anything, and sustainable fashion at Ragged Glory Trading Co., there's a wealth of curated collections to explore.

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Downtown Auburn, CA street lined with quaint shops and festive garlands under a clear blue sky.

Auburn, California, isn't just a charming college town nestled amidst stunning foothills. It's a haven for hidden gems, where independent spirit thrives and local shops tell captivating stories through their curated collections. If you're tired of generic chains and yearn for authentic finds, buckle up for a treasure hunt through Auburn's best boutiques and shops, each waiting to weave their magic into your shopping experience.

1. Elisabet Boutique: For the Fashion-Forward Flair:

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Auburn, Elisabet Boutique (124 N College St, Auburn, CA 95603) explodes with vibrant energy. Owned by the effervescent Elisabet Cohan, this haven of high-fashion boasts designer labels like Free People, Citizens of Humanity, and Ya, alongside curated vintage pieces and statement jewelry. Expect an experience as personalized as the clothing, with Elisabet's keen eye and infectious enthusiasm guiding you towards your perfect outfit, whether it's a date-night stunner or a workwear wonder.

2. Almost Anything: A Vintage Voyage Through Time:

Step back in time at Almost Anything (209 E Magnolia Ave, Opelika, AL 36801), a sprawling treasure trove in neighboring Opelika. Vinyl enthusiasts will lose themselves in a labyrinth of LPs, while collectors will unearth vintage gems ranging from furniture and clothing to home décor and quirky knick-knacks. With friendly staff and aisles brimming with surprises, Almost Anything guarantees an adventure for the soul and a unique piece to add to your story.

3. Ragged Glory Trading Co.: Sustainable Style with a Story:

Embrace conscious consumerism at Ragged Glory Trading Co. (530 College St, Auburn, CA 95603), where sustainability meets style. This boutique champions ethical brands and handcrafted goods, offering an array of organic clothing, handcrafted jewelry, and eco-friendly home accessories. The warm, inviting atmosphere and friendly staff make shopping here a feel-good experience, knowing your purchases align with your values while adding a touch of bohemian charm to your life.

4. The Silver Store: Where History Whispers through Jewelry:

Auburn's historic Old Town is home to The Silver Store (146 E Spring St, Auburn, CA 95603), a timeless treasure trove of antique and estate jewelry. Step into a bygone era where ornate rings, sparkling pendants, and delicate chains whisper stories of generations past. Owner Kimberlee's passion for antique gems shines through her curated collection, making every piece a wearable heirloom with a soul.

5. Serendipity: A Gift Gallery Wrapped in Whimsy:

At Serendipity (109 E Spring St, Auburn, CA 95603), serendipitous discoveries are par for the course. This quaint gift gallery overflows with delightful finds, from locally handcrafted artisan wares to charming home décor and whimsical accessories. Whether you're seeking a birthday surprise or a little indulgence for yourself, Serendipity's vibrant shelves and friendly staff ensure you'll leave with a smile and a unique treasure in tow.

6. Marquis Etc.: French Flair Meets California Charm:

Experience a touch of Parisian elegance right here in Auburn at Marquis Etc. (106 E Spring St, Auburn, CA 95603). This boutique blends French-inspired style with modern California sensibilities, offering a curated selection of women's apparel, jewelry, and home accessories. Expect delicate textures, timeless silhouettes, and pops of color, all thoughtfully chosen by owner Melissa to add a touch of Parisian je ne sais quoi to your wardrobe and home.

7. Auburn Oil Co. Booksellers: Fueling Literary Adventures:

Nestled in a historic gas station (no pumps here!), Auburn Oil Co. Booksellers (103 E Spring St, Auburn, CA 95603) is a bibliophile's haven. Browse shelves bursting with new releases, well-loved classics, and local finds, all bathed in the warm glow of vintage reading lamps. The knowledgeable staff offers personalized recommendations and hosts regular author events, ensuring you leave with a book that sparks your imagination and ignites your next literary adventure.

8. Totally Cool: Fun Finds for Big and Small:

Unleash your inner child at Totally Cool (105 E Spring St, Auburn, CA 95603), a vibrant toy store brimming with playful possibilities. Kids will be mesmerized by aisles showcasing classic board games, plush friends, and innovative gadgets, while parents rediscover the joy of childhood whimsy. Totally Cool makes toy shopping an engaging experience for the whole family, guaranteeing giggles and shared memories to last a lifetime.

9. The Front Porch: Southern Hospitality Takes Root in Auburn:

Step onto The Front Porch (143 N Auburn St, Auburn, CA 95603) and be transported to a haven of Southern charm. This delightful eatery and market overflows with homemade jams, savory biscuits, and delectable pies, all crafted with love and the freshest local ingredients. Linger over a cup of sweet tea on the rocking chairs, browse the curated selection of home décor and artisanal goods, and soak in the warmth of true Southern hospitality. The Front Porch is the perfect escape for a leisurely afternoon, a slice of heaven for the gourmand, and a reminder that Southern comfort thrives even in the foothills of California.

10. Georgetown Clothing Co.: Classic Style with a California Twist:

Step into a timeless capsule of casual cool at Georgetown Clothing Co. (113 E Spring St, Auburn, CA 95603). This boutique celebrates California's laid-back spirit with a curated selection of men's and women's apparel that blends classic silhouettes with modern trends. Expect high-quality denim, comfortable knits, and effortless pieces that transition seamlessly from weekend hikes to downtown strolls. Georgetown Clothing Co. is where California cool meets timeless style, a perfect fit for the Auburn lifestyle.

11. The Art Crate: Creativity Takes Center Stage:

Auburn's artistic pulse beats strong at The Art Crate (125 E Spring St, Auburn, CA 95603). This community art space boasts a vibrant gallery showcasing local talent, eclectic workshops for aspiring artists, and a welcoming atmosphere that fosters creativity. Browse unique paintings, handcrafted jewelry, and whimsical ceramics, all while soaking in the contagious energy of a community fueled by passion and self-expression. The Art Crate is a reminder that Auburn's art scene is alive and thriving, waiting to inspire and ignite your own creative spark.

12. RiJu Boutique & Brotique:

Step into a haven of eclectic finds at RiJu Boutique & Brotique (938 Lincoln Way, Ste C, Auburn, CA 95603). This family-owned gem caters to both men and women, offering a diverse selection of clothing, accessories, and gifts. Discover unique fashion finds, trendy jewelry, and locally crafted gifts, all hand-picked with an eye for style and individuality. RiJu is the perfect place to snag a one-of-a-kind outfit, surprise a loved one with a special trinket, or simply browse and soak in the warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Beyond the Shopping Spree:

Your Auburn boutique adventure doesn't end with a bag full of treasures. Savor a gourmet lunch at The Brick Kiln, catch a live performance at The Auburn Theater, or sip craft brews at Auburn Alehouse. Immerse yourself in the town's rich history at Auburn State Recreation Area, or escape to the breathtaking beauty of Lake Clementine.

Embracing the Authentic:

Auburn's boutiques and shops are more than just retail spaces; they're testaments to the town's spirit of passion, individuality, and community. By choosing local over big box, you're not just investing in unique finds, you're investing in the dreams and livelihoods of your neighbors. So, ditch the generic chains and embark on a shopping adventure that nourishes your soul and celebrates the authentic charm of Auburn.

Ready to discover your own Auburn treasures?

Contact Eastok Realty today and let our knowledgeable agents guide you towards the perfect local shops and experiences. Remember, Auburn's magic unfolds when you step off the beaten path and embrace the spirit of the unexpected.

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