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Paul Galushkin – Founder and CEO
He was born in Ukraine and moved to United States in the early 90′s.  Since early childhood, he started developing strong leadership and competitive qualities, along with great communication skills.  After finishing high school early, he built a successful business in construction.  During that time, he was able to go to college and obtained a BA in Business Finance.   However, soon he started learning about Real Estate and bought his first investment property.  After that, he realized that Real Estate is his passion and that’s when he obtained a California Real Estate license. Soon he started helping buyers/investors with their real estate needs.  After realizing the potential in the real estate market, he decided to create a new company and called it Eastok Realty.  “Eastok” translates to the word “Source.”  That is exactly how he wanted people to view this company and make it a source to all their real estate needs.  Eastok Realty started growing exponentially in production right away.  Successful deals and happy investors kept on bringing more clients to their door.  Together with his wife Tatyana, Paul developed a highly successful approach to selling real estate and growing their business.  They have a strong vision, successful system, dual capacity, great team, and ability to solve problems quickly.  This business has helped Paul build great relationships with many people.  He enjoys to help others and guide each client in the right direction.  His ultimate goal is his client’s success.

“It is a great honor for me to hear that I was able to provide someone with a service which had a tremendous positive outcome in someone’s life”     Paul Galushkin
Paul’s competitive nature is also entertained in sports and outdoor activities.  He loves traveling, playing basketball, biking, and working out.  He is also a devout Christian who loves God, family, and people.

The source for all your Real Estate needs.